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Monday, March 11, 2013

Menopause and Hot Flashes-Why I designed this blog

I come to you to explain as to why I created this blog and the others that I have. I will list them all at the end of this post.
Menopause and hot flashes comes with many challenges. The symptoms strike women and men in their mid age range. Based on my own personal battle in which I had with menopause provoked me to the point of getting the word out to many women and men worldwide. My experiences with menopause and hot flashes were from A to Z with some very uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms. I encourage you to read my story in more detail.

Unlike weight lose, menopause and hot flashes is an health issue that women and men face daily. It has a influence on a woman or a man’s daily living. To give you an example of how menopause can effect your day to day activities; can stem from something like being unable to communicate to your children properly and not handling the issue sensibly all because you are depressed, fatigue and moody. When you are experiencing these symptoms and have to confront various situations the outcome may not come out positive.

Women and men need to raise their awareness to the seriousness of menopause and hot flashes because of the different health issues that it involves.

As an advocate of Women's Health you will be informed, educated and given up to date information about a condition that women and men are experiencing in their daily lives The resources that are needed with the challenge of the “change of life “called menopause; along with the symptom of hot flashes and more .The benefits of the information you will receive will change your life.

I am very passionate and dedicated to this subject because of my own testimony. I know that there are other women and men who have a story to share. It is time to stand up and speak up to bring the awareness to the many women and men who need to know the seriousness of this health issue.

Here are my other blogs to read and visit with information that will help you.

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I encourage you to join any of my sites listed above, better yet fill in the request information to tell your story and know that you just may help somebody with your experience with menopause and hot flashes.
*Thank you for reading and visiting. If you have been inspired please leave a comment, question or a suggestion below this post. Your expressions are important to me.

Ann Moses
©~Victorious Woman

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  1. We all have a story to tell and there is always a reason WHY. I needed to express my passion and dedication as to why I am reaching out to women and men about menopause. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my post.