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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Menopause-My hair is dry

When you are experiencing the changes of menopause it has a great effect on everything about you. Even your hair. Do you remember when your hair would hold a style and it would last? Do you remember when your hair was so nice and shiny and had body to it and it would look oh so lovely?


 I have bought everything under the sun, moon, and starts for trying to nurse my hair back to health. There are so many products for dry hair to buy. There are rinse out conditioners to leave in conditioners and all sorts of moisturizers to use. You will even go as far as having a hair cut to cut the dry ends off

 Hair all over the body can change as well as the hair on your head in texture and quantity during menopause. The softer hair on your head begins to change in texture as you get older, and menopause causes further changes.

Here are some effects of dry hair with menopause:

  •  Loss of luster
  •  Individual hair shafts thin
  • Dryness as a result of hormone changes
  • Thinning of pubic hairs
  • Thinning of hair underarms (after menopause)
 These are all red flags when you are experiencing the changes in your body with menopause. It is good to point these issues out to your doctor so that he/she can recommend you a dermatologist who can give you the solution as to how you can handle this issue.

I hope that you have found this information helpful if so leave a comment, question or suggestion below this post. 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Menopause-What’s your worst experience with Night Sweats?

Every woman who has been or went through the “change of life” has had some terrible experiences with menopause and hot flashes. Each woman will have different affect with the various symptoms that come with menopause.
My first and bad experience I had with night sweats in the beginning was scary! It tripped me out! As I have told you in my story that I didn’t have a clue as to what I going through and what was going on with my body.

When I started really developing the menopause symptoms real bad the experience was no joke!
 What happened to me with my Night Sweats?
I went to bed as I did normally. But of course it wasn’t real normal because I would have to prepare myself for bed. That is explained in great detail when you read my story. However, I kind of got use to waking up through the night and putting on clean dry clothes to sleep in. But this particular night I was awaken from being so cold; yes it was winter time but my room was warm. Needless to say I was so cold because everything I had on was soaking wet. I mean real WET! Then I discovered that not only the side of the bed I was sleeping on was WET but the whole entire bed was WET
It freaked me out! I couldn’t figure out why my bed was so wet and what happened. I had not only changed all of my clothes but I had to change my linen too. I was so scared to the point of crying and becoming very emotional about.

What did I do next?
I had an appointment to see my doctor. That was when I knew I had an high severity level of menopause and night sweats. WOW! Just hearing the doctor explain to me what was going on blew me away!  So he suggested that I get on a real good product.
I was on my mission to seek out a good product that was going to work to cut down the terrible night sweats.
My advice and suggestion to you concerning your night sweats would be to tell your doctor everything about what you deal with at night when you go to bed. Trust me from there he or she will be able to give your proper information and treatment.
I hope my story has helped you find a way to cope with your night sweats. If so I encourage you to leave a comment, question or suggestion below this post.
Thank you for reading and visiting.
Ann Moses
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Menopause and Hot Flashes-Why I designed this blog

I come to you to explain as to why I created this blog and the others that I have. I will list them all at the end of this post.
Menopause and hot flashes comes with many challenges. The symptoms strike women and men in their mid age range. Based on my own personal battle in which I had with menopause provoked me to the point of getting the word out to many women and men worldwide. My experiences with menopause and hot flashes were from A to Z with some very uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms. I encourage you to read my story in more detail.

Unlike weight lose, menopause and hot flashes is an health issue that women and men face daily. It has a influence on a woman or a man’s daily living. To give you an example of how menopause can effect your day to day activities; can stem from something like being unable to communicate to your children properly and not handling the issue sensibly all because you are depressed, fatigue and moody. When you are experiencing these symptoms and have to confront various situations the outcome may not come out positive.

Women and men need to raise their awareness to the seriousness of menopause and hot flashes because of the different health issues that it involves.

As an advocate of Women's Health you will be informed, educated and given up to date information about a condition that women and men are experiencing in their daily lives The resources that are needed with the challenge of the “change of life “called menopause; along with the symptom of hot flashes and more .The benefits of the information you will receive will change your life.

I am very passionate and dedicated to this subject because of my own testimony. I know that there are other women and men who have a story to share. It is time to stand up and speak up to bring the awareness to the many women and men who need to know the seriousness of this health issue.

Here are my other blogs to read and visit with information that will help you.

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I encourage you to join any of my sites listed above, better yet fill in the request information to tell your story and know that you just may help somebody with your experience with menopause and hot flashes.
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Ann Moses
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Menopause and Fibroids-What is the connection?

The question comes to mind of what does menopause have to do with fibroids? Here is a short definition of what fibroids are. Uterine Fibroids are a solid muscle tissue that grows in the uterus. There are three names they are known of:

•Fibroid tumors

To know what causes uterine fibroids are unknown, but there is one major part in the growth of fibroids is that estrogens especially estradiol which promotes growth.

When your menopause is coming to an end or should I say after menopause fibroids disappear. Because estrogen levels can rise during the early menopausal years, previously asymptomatic fibroids may grow in the years just before the cessation of menses.

This is resulting in symptoms with feelings of heaviness in the stomach area (belly), lower back pain, pain with vaginal penetration, incontinence, problems with bowel movements or severe menstrual pain and flooding.

Something else to know about fibroids:

Fibroids are the number one reason American women have hysterectomies.
Women of color are three to nine times more likely to have fibroids than white women, and theirs will more quickly.

Additional information on menopause and fibroids can be found here.

Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcomed. Post them below this post.

Thank you for reading and visiting.

Ann Moses

Disclaimer: The purpose of the information, benefits and solutions is for informational purposes ONLY. I am not a medical professional to advise you on treatments or cures of any type. The views are based on personal experience and product use. Every woman and man will have different and unique experiences. It is always recommended that you consult your medical health care provider for the best solutions for your needs.