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Monday, July 25, 2011

Menopause and Hot Flashes-Did my eating cause weight gain?

Before you went through the “change of life” as it is called. You were looking real good and had a nice look to your dress. It didn’t matter what you wore you were looking real pretty! I knew the day when I was like that. I would gain a few pounds (2-4). Those pounds didn’t make a significant change to the outer look of my body.

However, as I got into a more permanent phase of menopause and hot flashes, I noticed that I was eating the same three meals and sometimes two and lots of fresh fruit. My thighs, stomach and waistline was changing. I had gained some weight. But what I couldn’t understand was for the way I was eating how could I see such a difference in my appearance. Well, this brought me to doing some research as to what else could cause this weight gain with menopause and hot flashes.

Wd menopause and hot flashes weight gain?


Bloating is defined as feeling of fullness or tightness in the abdominal area that can lead to a certain degree of discomfort or even pain. It is mainly experienced during the menopausal transition as a result of either water retention, increased intestinal gas, or a combination of both.

Once I was able to define what bloating is it made a difference as to understanding the weight gain. This symptom is so in line with menopause and hot flashes with women who are commonly associated with the menstrual cycle; women who have dealt with bloating in the past as it occurs with PMS will most likely recognize the symptom as a part of menopause.

The medical experts do recommend that women who suffer from bloating and wish to treat it begin with lifestyle changes, good nutritional diet and exercise that is simple to committing yourself too, then move onto alternative medicines (ideally combining the two) and finally, look to drugs or surgery if nothing else seems to work while you are in the phase of menopause and hot flashes.

I hope this has given you better understanding about gaining weight with menopause and hot flashes.

Thank you for reading. Leave any comments, questions and suggestions below this post.

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