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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Menopause and Hot Flashes-Is depression a part of menopause?

When women go through menopause mood swings are a part of it. For some women it is a roller coaster of emotions. Once you know that you are going through menopause you will notice sadness,irritability, unpredictable mood changes, more stressed out, anxiety and problems sleeping.

The signs and symptoms of depression to know

  • You can’t sleep
  • You sleep too much
  • Your concentration is weak
  • Can’t handle daily easy tasks
  • You feel hopeless and helpless
  • You can’t control your negative thoughts
  • No appetite or you may eat too much
  • Short tempered
  • More irritable
  • More aggressive than usual
  • Drinking more alcohol than normal
These sign and symptoms of depression with menopause and hot flashes are also ones that can be related to clinical depression. Keep in mind that the depression you will experience with menopause will vary from woman to woman. This is based on her severity of menopause that she has. Also knowing that some of the signs and symptoms can be a part of life’s trials and tribulations. However, when these symptoms get to be stronger and lasting longer then this is when you must seek help.

Speak with your medical professional and explain in detail of your depression with menopause, in order to get the best recommendation for your condition and to give you a better sense of peace of mind.

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Health Quote for Today:
Health is not simply the absence of sickness. ~Hannah Green
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