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Friday, February 17, 2012

Menopause and Cholesterol-Does my cholesterol levels change?

Menopause brings on so many concerns and symptoms that are not always known to be a symptom. Such as cholesterol. It is a symptom like many others that are overlooked. However, it should be taken very serious. Yet, your cholesterol can be controlled through nutrition and exercise. There is some alarming but interesting  information here.
Many changes take place with a women when she is in her menopausal stage. Her estrogen level will drop. Women that are  in menopause their cholesterol will raise. This is more common to happen with men. But doctors will focus on all of the other menopausal symptoms but rarely will check for cholesterol levels with women who are in menopause.
Watch this video for more key information about cholesterol with  menopause by implementing a good wellness plan to your dieting.

A very simple and easy way to lower your cholesterol.

When we take action with just simple and easy methods to improving our health naturally it can cause us less frustration and pain.
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Ann Moses
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