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Monday, October 1, 2012

Menopause and Iron-Is it important to have?

There are so many areas of menopause to cover and each one will have various effects with women and men who suffer with menopause.Iron
The most common know symptom called hot flashes. To better define what hot flashes are will help you to understand more about menopause and iron. They are sensations of heat that will start at the upper parts of a woman’s body and then work its way down to the lower part of the body. They will come at any given time and last for different times. No matter what a woman is doing or where she is going? They come with all ethnic backgrounds now there are some exceptions. That is there are some women and men who will never experience menopause and hot flashes. It is overall a natural process for women at their mid age. This happens on an average age around 51 years of age. It is important to have iron and include it in your diet.
This is the bases of menopause and iron. Heat production is impaired by iron deficiency, and heat loss rate is increased by the demand for tissue oxygenation when decreased blood flow is needed to minimize heat losses to the environment. More information in great detail can be found here. 

There are other factors that come with menopause and iron.

· Iron and osteoporosis
· Iron and skin aging 
It is recommended that you have a complete physical examination that would include your current iron count in order for your doctor to treat you properly. Also bring to your doctor’s attention that you are experiencing menopause symptoms too.

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To know as much as you need to know about menopause and iron will help you gain the control you need with your menopause experience.
I hope this information has helped you raise your awareness.
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