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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Menopause-What’s your worst experience with Night Sweats?

Every woman who has been or went through the “change of life” has had some terrible experiences with menopause and hot flashes. Each woman will have different affect with the various symptoms that come with menopause.
My first and bad experience I had with night sweats in the beginning was scary! It tripped me out! As I have told you in my story that I didn’t have a clue as to what I going through and what was going on with my body.

When I started really developing the menopause symptoms real bad the experience was no joke!
 What happened to me with my Night Sweats?
I went to bed as I did normally. But of course it wasn’t real normal because I would have to prepare myself for bed. That is explained in great detail when you read my story. However, I kind of got use to waking up through the night and putting on clean dry clothes to sleep in. But this particular night I was awaken from being so cold; yes it was winter time but my room was warm. Needless to say I was so cold because everything I had on was soaking wet. I mean real WET! Then I discovered that not only the side of the bed I was sleeping on was WET but the whole entire bed was WET
It freaked me out! I couldn’t figure out why my bed was so wet and what happened. I had not only changed all of my clothes but I had to change my linen too. I was so scared to the point of crying and becoming very emotional about.

What did I do next?
I had an appointment to see my doctor. That was when I knew I had an high severity level of menopause and night sweats. WOW! Just hearing the doctor explain to me what was going on blew me away!  So he suggested that I get on a real good product.
I was on my mission to seek out a good product that was going to work to cut down the terrible night sweats.
My advice and suggestion to you concerning your night sweats would be to tell your doctor everything about what you deal with at night when you go to bed. Trust me from there he or she will be able to give your proper information and treatment.
I hope my story has helped you find a way to cope with your night sweats. If so I encourage you to leave a comment, question or suggestion below this post.
Thank you for reading and visiting.
Ann Moses
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  1. The night sweats was the most disturbing experience I had during my menopause.

  2. I salute you for sharing such valuable posts. You educate us by providing informative and useful tips. I love your all blogs. Take care and may your sites remain forever.

    1. Thank you my dear reader neelum for your encouraging comment. It is people like you who will speak up and let the world know that we are all in this together to be educated on a health matter such as menopause that will help men and women. I will keep writing to help all.