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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Menopause-My hair is dry

When you are experiencing the changes of menopause it has a great effect on everything about you. Even your hair. Do you remember when your hair would hold a style and it would last? Do you remember when your hair was so nice and shiny and had body to it and it would look oh so lovely?


 I have bought everything under the sun, moon, and starts for trying to nurse my hair back to health. There are so many products for dry hair to buy. There are rinse out conditioners to leave in conditioners and all sorts of moisturizers to use. You will even go as far as having a hair cut to cut the dry ends off

 Hair all over the body can change as well as the hair on your head in texture and quantity during menopause. The softer hair on your head begins to change in texture as you get older, and menopause causes further changes.

Here are some effects of dry hair with menopause:

  •  Loss of luster
  •  Individual hair shafts thin
  • Dryness as a result of hormone changes
  • Thinning of pubic hairs
  • Thinning of hair underarms (after menopause)
 These are all red flags when you are experiencing the changes in your body with menopause. It is good to point these issues out to your doctor so that he/she can recommend you a dermatologist who can give you the solution as to how you can handle this issue.

I hope that you have found this information helpful if so leave a comment, question or suggestion below this post. 

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