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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Menopause and Hot Flashes-Read what others had to say

The primary blog of Vita Woman has been in existence for a few months.
I (Ann Moses) created this blog to bring awareness to the many men and women
around the world of the subject of menopause and hot flashes. I have received
many comments, questions, personal emails and phone calls. It has amazed me as
to the level of awareness which has been brought to the many men and women!

You to need to know what others are saying about Vita Woman blog. These are real
people with real experiences and thought. With each and every expression I have
truly felt and related to them. Perhaps after you read these different comments
you will be able to take the courage to share as well.

This is what they had to say:

Lisa Brown said...
Wow, this information has not only been insightful to me, Ann.
It is very helpful. Thank you for sharing your experienced.
I would like to learn a lot from you with the hot flashes stuff.

AveBarnett said...
You have very nice information written in your blog.
The image in your article is so funny!

IamSteveBrooks said...
Thank You for helping me understands what a woman has to go
I'm impressed with your blog. Wow you have a lot of good
information here.
I look forward to seeing what you'll discuss next.
To our success,

almennigen said...
I've had good results using VitaWoman supplements.
I am still wondering about calcium. I took calcium for a while,
since my mom had osteoporosis, but my arthritis in my neck got
worse. So, I quit for a while. When I get back on, I'll be using
Coral Calcium, since I think it gets absorbed better.
Then I'll see if it makes my neck worse or it was something else.

Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts. Vita Woman
will continue to bring you information, benefits and solutions
to your menopausal needs.

Do leave your comments, questions and suggestions in the post below.
Also complete the new added category Menopause and Hot Flashes Survey,
scroll to the bottom of the page and fill the short form out.

Ann Moses
“I am a Vita Woman”

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