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Monday, September 5, 2011

Menopause and Hot Flashes-Emotional well being after menopause.

You have came to knowing what is going on with you in your mid-life age. (Menopause) So now you need to get your life back and that includes your emotions. Your emotional state of mind has been just a mess during this change now you want to be in control of your feelings instead of your feelings being in control of you.

To put your feelings in front there are many areas that will be a strong part of that happening. You will start with setting yourself up with a good and nutritional  healthy diet, having a exercise program that you do on a regular basis, surrounding yourself with strong and positive people, (who can encourage you),reading a good book (this will help you to re-program your mind), get yourself involved with a project that your are passionate about. There are many other changes that you can make to build a new emotional well being life after your menopause. Your menopause and hot flashes have drained you terribly and now all you long for is to be happy and healthy.

I will say this to all women who are wanting and needing a new life for themselves after menopause. “You have to make yourself happy” everyday. You have to do things that will lift your spirits up and get you motivated and give you a reason to move on with your life after menopause.

Here is a quote that makes a lot of sense to live by:

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it”. ~UNKNOWN

This post was written to encourage you who are and have suffered with menopause and hot flashes. There is a solution to the change of life that you face, believe it can happen and it will.

Thank you for visiting and reading. I hope these words of hope have brought a smile to your face, letting you know that you can be happy and healthy.

*Your always welcomed to leave your comments, questions and suggestions below this post.

Ann Moses
Have a Wonderful and Happy Day!

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