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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Menopause and Hot Flashes-Why am I Bleeding?

We know that when a woman is having a monthly menstrual period that involves bleeding.Now the thing is to know if it is a normal cycle or abnormal cycle. Once that is determined by your health care physician (preferably), then you can begin to see how it may blend in with your menopause and hot flashes.

Let’s look at it this way. You can get periods at any time, but there may be a chance that it could be a signal you are approaching menopause. Your menstrual cycle may get longer or shorter. Your bleeding may increase or decrease. Your period could be lighter or heavier. When you start to notice some of these signs they are signals that let you know that you are in perimenopause. This stems from the hormone level changing. This is when you are leading up to menopause.

Take a look at this first video to get more information on knowing why you are bleeding rater it be heavy or light.

Video #1
Now let’s look at this second video to give some added information about the heavy bleeding that you are experiencing.

Video #2
There are many issues that we as women have to be concerned with, especially when we reach our mid years. When it comes to menopause and hot flashes we have to pay close attention to other issues.I hope that I have provided to you some helpful and insightful information for you to apply to your health concerns you may have.

As I always do, please feel free to leave your comments, questions and suggestions below this post. Your expressions are always welcomed.

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