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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Male Menopause-Diagnosed and treated Part II


How simple is the diagnosis and treatments?


When it comes to men making it up in their mind to get diagnosed and treated for male menopause, men tend to allow everything to get in their way of going through with it. Yet they have taken noticed that there are some health behaviors out of place. Nevertheless, it is not as hard as it may seem to have the diagnosis done. When it comes to your medical professional he/she will perform a physical examination and ask you what are your symptoms.Then the doctor will order other types of diagnostic test to possibly rule out any other medical issues that could have a bearing on your condition with male menopause. One of the main test is a group of blood test which can include several hormone levels, including a blood testosterone level.

Now when you speak of the treatments for your male menopause, perhaps in this video it will give you an explanation of the type of treatment that is involved as well as what causes male menopause.

Raising your awareness with male menopause.

As it is stated in the video having low testosterone levels is a reason to have testosterone replacement therapy. This will  help relieve the symptom of you having a loss of interest in sex (decreased libido) also.
In my conclusion it is always advised to speak with your physician with the full details of your symptoms that you are experiencing with male menopause, to give you the best recommendation for your condition and other health issues.

I hope that this information has raised your awareness to a greater level. With that being said, I ask that you leave a comment, question and/or suggestion below this post.Your expressions are important to me.

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My finale words:

Most men's awareness doesn't extend past their dinner plates.

~Scott Westerfeld

Thank you for your interest to reading the second part of this subject male menopause diagnosed and treated. Enjoy your day!

Ann Moses 

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