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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Male Menopause Symptoms-What are they? Part 1

Is it just women who have menopause?

I must start off saying that we all have heard of menopause with women. However, when it comes to saying that men go through menopause too it sounds odd to know of such a condition for men to experience. No it is something that does exist with men more often then what we think.
Now as far as the symptoms are with male menopause, it is not exactly clearly defined. But the list of  what some of the known symptoms are as follows:

  • Sexual dysfunctions

  • Depression

  • Weight gain

  • Mood changes

  • Fatigue

    All of these symptoms for male menopause are in relationship to the symptoms for women menopause. Although there are many medical experts have treated the “change of life” for men with testosterone hormone therapy, the value of male hormone therapy remains controversial, because there are a few lengthy studies about the effectiveness and the benefits to the hormone therapy.
In the next post  (Part II ) I will discuss the treatments for male menopause and the diagnoses of how a doctor performs a physical examination . 

It is highly recommended that you speak with you medical professional to give you the best solutions for your condition.

*I need to hear from you, feedback from men on this post as well as women. It is information much needed to raise your awareness on this subject. To do so leave your comments, questions and suggestions below this post. Your expressions are important to me.

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My finale words:
Make your own recovery the first priority in your life.
~Robin Norwood

Ann Moses

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  1. Its true that mostly people think that the age start of menopause is 30 and above its true but its common in some women. how can a man understand the problem of women. This post shares a uniqe style what a about tables.

  2. He needs to be very attentive and accomadating to all of her needs. Learn her in ways that she may not even take notice too. Thank you for your comment. ~Ann Moses/Vita Woman