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Friday, February 10, 2012

Menopause and Dizziness-Is it common with menopause?

Dizziness and menopause is very common. Keep in mind thaDizziness and menopauset this problem makes this particular symptom important why? It can be directly or indirectly tied in with “change of life” which means that because your body has experienced a change in your hormone levels or even medication that you may be taking with other problems there could be some form of a conflict. Going through menopause at the time you are on other medications for other problems doesn’t make your battle with menopause any easier.
We know that any or all of the symptoms of menopause are frustrating and uncomfortable regardless. It is not a fun ride! Other emotions raise up  and that is not good. That is the scary and dangerous part. You will feel overwhelmed with feelings of swaying, falling or spinning. If you are experiencing this at the time you are driving it could cause you to have an accident.
However, you should not overlook this symptom. Having good nutrition and a wellness plan for self –improvement you will gain the solution to controlling your battle with menopause.
It is also recommended to make an appointment with your doctor to address your problems that you are having with menopause and dizziness. Be sure to have a checklist of what you are doing and what you are not doing. Then arrange to make a follow up appointment with  your physician to give you the proper advice to which product that may be appropriate for you and your condition.

My Finale words: Don’t take a chance on not going to see your doctor about your menopause and dizziness.

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Ann Moses
I’m a Vita Woman

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