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Friday, November 2, 2012

Menopause and your hands-Strange sensations

As it is known when women reach the stages of menopause the "change of life", there are so many changes that take place with her body and within it as well.

Some of the symptoms are horrible for some women because each woman will have a different experience.
Women who have got through the "pins & needles".

What is this sensation?

The scientifically known term is paresthesis. In laymens terms it is the numbness and pins and needledes sensations in the arms, legs, hands feet, fingers and toes.

These tingling sensations for women who are experiecing menopause can cause a variety of sensations from any of the areas as mentioned above. When it comes to doing everyday task these tingling sensations from the extremities will make chores very difficult to handle. You may be griping or performing a movement and you will lose complete control of your actions. Your balance can even be off while walking due to the numbness in your feet or toes.

Symptoms of Menopause Tingling Extremitites

  • Hypersensitive extremities
  • Fee and hands "falling the sleep"
  • Crawling sensations
  • Loss of dexterity
  • Loss of mobility
  • "Pin and needles" sensations
  • Burning sensations
  • Loss of balance
  • Joint pain
  • Insoomnia

 When a woman is in menopause her hormones are out of balance and can cause frequent changes in her body when it comes to the strange sensations with her extremities. The nervous sytem is also affected.

If you are experiencing these strange sensations with your extremitites while in menopause, discuss the type of symptoms in full detail with your medical provider so that he/she can best recommend a good solution for you. Your doctor will provide information that will better help you know about the treatments and the risk that are involved with tingling extremties.

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  1. Great post.
    Sometimes just hearing another menopause woman tell her story is all that is needed for reassurance that all you are going through is normal. Therefore, we wanted to provide readers with some menopause treatment reviews, actual testimonials that tell your firsthand some of the options that helped them.

    1. Hello my reader, yes it does help a great deal to hear a woman's story of the battle that she faces with menopause. Providing reader with information and testimonies just adds to their education and knowledge of what menopause is all about. Thank you for speaking up for all the women around the world.