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Monday, November 12, 2012

Menopause and Itchy Skin| My itchy skin is getting on my nerves

"This itching is getting on my nerves"
Women, we know that going through the "change of life" better known as menopause comes with many nagging and troublesome symptoms. They are hot flashes,night sweats, headaches, weight gain and more. There is one added to those and it is itchy skin. This can really be bothersome.

Now it must be keep in mind that menopause and itchy skin do go together. But there can also be the possibility of the itching coming from something else.

Use a good moisturizer

You want to use one that is clinically designed for this type of combination of menopause and itchy skin. Ask your local pharmacist for his/her recommendations. A better moisturizer will contain Vitamins E and A and also with alpha-hydroxy.Here are some basic tips to itchy skin:

  A  home remedy

To use a home remedy for this problem of itchy skin and menopause is one that has always worked. Yes, this is one that came from your grandmother. Castor Oil. She knew something for it to work. There are ways to give the castor oil a nicer scent by buying a vial of peppermint, lavender, or whatever your favorite scent is.

Itchy skin comes from the dehydration of the skin. When there is no moisture in the skin it becomes overly dry. Drinking lots of water for your itchy skin during menopause will help and your body overall for clearing up blemishes too.

Have a good diet

Eating fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits will aid in cleaning out the toxic stuff in your body. This is why eating this way will help in the itching experience with menopause. Avoid eating a lot of fat. When it comes to using cooking oil, use virgin olive oil on your salads as well as cooking. There are a few don't s to not have in your diet they are caffeine and alcohol they will take away from the proper hydration that your body needs. They act as diuretics.

Stop Smoking while you are in the stages of menopause. Plus this will decrease the itching.

 The  above information is just some of the information surrounded with menopause and itchy skin. There is more to make note of here:

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