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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Menopause-Different changes your body goes through

ATTENTION: As you read this post it is important that you keep in mind that every woman has different experiences during their menopausal stages. However, it is known that there are some women who don't ever have any menopausal experiences. 

When you age as a woman and are going through the stages of menopause your body changes too. Some women may only experience a few of some of the symptoms while other may go through more; not to mention symptoms that may not be as common as some.

Scientist have been trying to figure out how a woman's hormone change during the menopausal transition may affect her  periods and menopausal symptoms.


 There are early sign (s) of noticing a change with your body during menopause.

  1.  Menstrual cycle changes-They can last a little longer than what you are use too or than can end soon.Also the timing of it taking affect may change.
  2. Hot Flashes and Night Sweats-Some women are uncomfortable when experiencing hot flases or known as flushes/and or night sweats.You will start sweating a lot and the sweats will come suddenly. The night sweats are exactly what they are. they come at night while you are sleeping
  3. Sleep and Fatigue-When you discover that you are tired a lot and having a problem with sleeping, this is a sure sign of a menopause symptom. However, there is that possibility that growing older, the result of hormone changes or even both.
*The above signs of  menopause are not all that exist. For more information click here.
 Here is some added information on menopause and the different changes your body goes through.

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