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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Post Menopause and Antibiotics-Do they mix?

This post is about being in the end stages of menopause. You may be given the wrong medication while dealing with another health issue.
The experience of having a bad reaction to the medication that was prescribed to me upon having an emergency tooth extraction (1) Motrin 500 mg (2) Penicillin 500 mg. Instructions was to take them every six hours. After four days of being on this medication the pain from the tooth extraction had lessen. Meanwhile, keep in mind that I am in my post menopause stages. (It is coming to an end) 
I took notice that my stomach was hurting and paining real bad. I could not walk upright and I was curled up in the bed in a fetal position rocking. I was trying to calm the pain down. My mouth was dry, I was nauseated, weak, no strength, my vision was blurred, there was tightness in my chest, cramps and I had not had a bowel movement in days. Then I realized that I was losing weight. I mean I was sick! 

To make a long story short I went back to a local hospital emergency room and the doctor told me that I suffered severe side effects from the antibiotics which were intestinal problems, dehydration, nausea, dizziness, and I might add vaginal infection. I was just messed up from the waist down! The doctor did not put me on any medication but he did put me on a strict diet. I only could eat white boiled rice, applesauce, apple juice, toast, drink plenty of water. This experience was very scary for me and exhausting! 

There is much more to this post menopause experience then what I just gave. However, my best advice that I would give is that you inform your dentist that you are in menopausal stages and be very detailed with him. Also you will want to keep a note of what types of medications you can take and the one you can’t. 
 My finale words:

Menopause brings so many different and odd problems that women can experience. 

Thank you for reading and visiting. Please feel free to leave a comment, question,or suggestion below this post. I hope you found it to be helpful. 

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