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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Menopause and Hot Flashes-What do I look out for with menopause?

Do I know what is going on with me with my menopause?

When a woman is approaching menopause she can be clueless as to know to to expect, recognize or even have an ideal of what is going on with her. I know from my experience in my early stages of menopause I did not know anything as far as what was going on with my body. (Click here to read my story) I did begin to realize that my body was changing in ways that were different. My mood and body was altering because of the lost of hormones and the different chemicals my mind needed to function properly.

I will provide for you the key symptoms to look out for with menopause.

1. Hot Flashes, Cold Flashes - The body may flush red in the face and chest, or it may just be an overwhelming sense of heat. Conversely, the body may feel stone cold and you may shiver. Some will alternate between the two as the body is unable to correct its sense of temperature. These two symptoms are said to be felt by 75% of everyone who goes through menopause.
2. Night Sweats - Night sweats can best be defined like having hot flashes at night. The body will sweat and feel extremely warm. You may have nightmares from the sleep disturbance. If nothing else the lack of sleep will manifest to fatigue and higher stress levels. Night sweats can have a lasting effect on you just for the sleep disturbance factor alone.
3. Menstrual Irregularities - There doesn't have to be a complete stop of menses all at once, they may become more frequent first, or more sporadic. There may be spotting or other irregularities to the woman. There may be more cramping than normal while your body's hormones are lessening.

4. Loss of Sex Drive - The flux of hormones in the body also can trigger a loss of a women's libido. This also has to do with the one other symptom of menopause, the vaginal dryness. The vaginal dryness can make any sexual penetration uncomfortable and the shift of hormones may make you lose your want of sex for a time period.

Those four symptoms of menopause are the ones that are said to be the most irritating to women. While some of these many get relief through natural remedies for menopause or through hormone replacement therapy, there are those that will just deal with them without any remedy at all. Some women may even be experiencing these while continuing to have their periods and will be unaware that they may be in early stages of menopause.
If ever in doubt, check with your healthcare provider.Knowing what to look out for will help you in gaining control with your symptoms. With rewarding results.

Health Quote:
Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy.
 ~Author Unknown

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Until next time…Look out for your signs with menopause and hot flashes.
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