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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats-Why do I have them?

Hot flashes and night sweats are two of the most troublesome symptoms that come with menopause. They are experienced by women during the transition to menopause.

Because you are in the stage of menopause hot flashes are unexpected hot sensations that can leave you nervous, frantic, red and blotchy. Some women may even experience heart palpitations that can be very scary. Plus they can be very embarrassing and come in an untimely matter.Now when it comes to the night sweats they are exactly what they are. They are your hot flashes that come in the night. They are signs and symptoms of menopause that are similar to hot flashes. Women will experience being waken from their sleep feeling hot, uncomfortable, flustered. Women can feel fatigue and stressed. Her daily tasks get interrupted and cannot be performed.

Now rather you are experiencing the extreme signs and symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats they can be lessen by the change in your diet and with regular exercise. These steps will help tremendously with the severity level of you menopause hot flashes and night sweats.
As it is always advised to speak with your doctor about your hot flashes and night sweats to give you the best recommendation possible for your condition.
I hope that this information has given you some insight as to why you have hot flashes and night sweats and where they come from.

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