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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Menopause-My feet are aging

Women go through some very unusual and uncomfortLegs and feetable experiences with menopause. When you want to know of some of the changes that women go through with menopause when their body changes; let’s read what other women had to say.
By anestassia
I am 48 and my gynecologist says in perimenopause. I have few problems that are bothering me lately (lack of sleep, nervousness etc), but what bothers me most is burning sensation in m hands, arms and feet. It is horrible, burning like, itchy and pins and needles sticking in them. This is happening one month now and I didn’t talked to my gynecologist (I don’t want to run to the doctor every time something strange happens) about that and I am not sure whether this is from perimenopause or something else.
By plate
It is possible this is from perimenopause. In this period your hormonal level is drastically changing and it is nothing strange that you are experiencing all these drastic changes.
Tingling and burning hands, arms and feet are one of the perimenopausal signs. I would go to the gynecologist or doctor. Burning hands, arms and feet might be an early sign for osteoporosis, which develops in menopause. It develops gradually, but it is better to act promptly.
By Unknown
I am female and 34 and I have had burring arms and neck for three years. Initially I thought it was an allergy and spent thousands trying to fix it. But I have now found an acupuncturist who says it is an overheated liver. The liver is trying to process things like alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fried foods etc and is heating so much that the heat is escaping through the pours of my skin and causing a hot, itchy feeling. Over 2 months she has managed to bring this condition under control. I have not seen this explanation anywhere on the web but I believe it's the cause. Good luck.
As you have read these women had a real and true experience with their feet while going through menopause. Having the correct nutrition and product supplement can be the best solutions for your wellness plan. I recommend that you make and appointment with a foot doctor and bring it to his/her attention about the problem you are having with menopause and your feet. You will want to do follow-up appointments and have a checklist with you to take the action you need with your problem.
Click this link below  for more information on menopause and your feet.
Menopause and Osteoporosis-When it hurts to walk
I hope  reading these real life changing stories have helped you in understanding what women go through with menopause and their feet.

Ann Moses
I’m a Vita Woman
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