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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Menopause-My high blood pressure is high

One of the first signs for women after the age of 50 is  your high High Blood2blood pressure which will indicate to your  cardiovascular system  to show some sign of a breakdown. What makes this happens is your decrease in estrogen this is when the walls of your blood vessels may become not as flexible. When this starts to happen this can make your blood pressure to rise. The problems with high blood pressure brings on other serious problems like heart disease and stroke. These are risk that can effect women who are in menopause even more. Especially if you are already in poor health that makes it even worst.
Now it is know that high blood pressure can rise slowly. Yet, it can also be quite high, and you will not notice it. There may not even be any obvious signs or symptoms.
The action you can take while going through menopause is to have your high blood pressure checked at least every 6 months. Make an appointment with your doctor in order to implement a good diet and nutrition wellness plan to keep you from the added stress that comes with menopause. Be sure to ask for a good nutritional product that will give you the self-improvement to the solutions to controlling your menopause condition. Always do follow-up appointments to keep track of a checklist of do’s and don’ts.
I hope this information has been helpful to you and you will take the proper measures to control your high blood pressure with menopause.

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