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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Menopause and Irritability-Learning to relax

Menopause comes with many irritating and frustrating symptoms. Some of the common symptoms are hot flashes, depression, weight gain, and sleep disruption. You may also encounter some personal issues which may trigger one or more menopausal symptoms. For example, coping with an issue with relationships, finances, illnesses, or other personal matters can cause otherwise mild menopausal symptoms to become stronger. Learning how to relax when you are irritable helps prevent your stress level from increasing and making menopausal symptoms worse.

"I just can't figure it out"

One way to relax is through control of your breathing. Become familiar with your breathing patterns.

Breathing exercises to help you relax during menopause and irritability:

  • Rhythmic breathing – Inhale and exhale slowly
  • Deep breathing - Fill your abdomen with air
  • Visualized breathing - Combine slow breathing with your imagination
  • Progressive muscle relaxation - Pay attention to relaxing your muscles and slowing your breathing
  • Relax to music - Combine your breathing exercises with your favorite music
  • Mental imagery relaxation -Focused relaxation helps to create harmony between your mind and body.

You can minimize negative thoughts and emotions despite your menopause and irritability by encouraging yourself with these positive affirmations:

  • I can let go of things I cannot control.
  • I am healthy, vital and strong.
  • There is nothing in the world I cannot handle.
  • All my needs are met.
  • I am completely and utterly safe.
  • Every day in every way I am getting stronger.
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